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Vulcan Solar Project

Vulcan Solar Project



In 2015, Communica provided stakeholder and Aboriginal engagement, communication and information management support services to EDF EN Canada for the development of a proposed solar facility to be built in southern Alberta, about 50 kilometres north of Lethbridge.

On October 25, 2016 the Alberta Utilities Commission approved the project for construction. Once completed, the Vulcan Solar Power Project will create 77.5 megawatts of energy and will be the largest utility grade solar facility in Western Canada. It will also be sharing it’s land and infrastructure with EDF EN Canada’s Blackspring Ridge Wind Power Project, making this Canada’s first wind/solar hybrid facility.

Our Role

Communica augmented the EDF EN Canada project team and provided support in the development and implementation of a Participant Involvement Program to meet the requirements of the Alberta Utilities Commission, facilitated an assessment of Aboriginal engagement requirements through the Aboriginal Consultation Office, planned and facilitated an open house, coordinated direct mail communication, and tracked all engagement activity through our SIM team.

Vulcan Solar marked EDF EN Canada’s first experience with the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) facility application process. Communica helped to ease this introduction by providing the project team with summaries of AUC regulations pertaining to public consultation, and the AUC’s expectations regarding Participant Involvement Program design, implementation, and documentation.

Communica was also responsible for drafting the Vulcan Solar Participant Involvement Program Summary Report in support of the Project AUC application, as well as those sections of the application dealing with stakeholder consultation and notification.


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Communica team members getting ready to hit the road for the Vulcan Solar open house on June 14, 2016


  • Successful notification of over 40 stakeholders
  • Hosted two open houses for over 35 members of the community, including landowners and municipal representatives as well as local media
  • Coordinated newspaper advertisements for the open houses, as well as an advertisement after the first open house thanking the community for attending
  • To date, no stakeholder has intervened or formally objected the proposed project
  • The Project was approved with no outstanding public or industry, objections or concerns

Supporting Pillars

Aboriginal Engagement


Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Information Management


Greg Gutowski, Manager, Stakeholder Information Management

Greg Gutowski

Megan Young, Manager, Stakeholder Engagement and Communication

Megan Young