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WCC LNG Project

WCC LNG Project

Client: ExxonMobil Canada Ltd. and Imperial Oil Resources Limited.


WCC LNG is a proposed project to develop and operate a liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facility at Tuck Inlet in Prince Rupert, BC. The project is at an early stage of assessment and is currently undergoing regulatory reviews with the British Columbia and Canadian governments; as well as consultation and discussion with Aboriginal groups and local communities. WCC LNG has been engaging Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities since 2012.

Our Role

For over 4 years, Communica has been responsible for providing communication, stakeholder engagement, Aboriginal engagement and information management support to the WCC LNG Project. Over this period, Communica has guided a grassroots consultation approach to focus efforts at the local and regional level in order to ensure communities build a strong understanding of the project, while WCC LNG builds a strong understanding of local interests and needs. Communica sourced and set up a local project community office in Prince Rupert and provides regular supplemental staffing for that office. Communica worked alongside WCC LNG in writing and developing the Public Consultation and First Nation Consultation Plans and Reports submitted to the BC Environmental Assessment Office.


  • Planned and executed five open houses.
  • Coordinated internal cultural awareness initiatives with support from local First Nation community members
  • Hosted community events including a BBQ, receptions, dialogue sessions and site tours with stakeholders.
  • Produced a multitude of communication materials including community newsletters, surveys, external website, fact sheets, and display boards, among others.
  • Played an integral role on the team in negotiating agreements and consultation activities with impacted Aboriginal groups.

Supporting Pillars

Aboriginal Engagement


Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Information Management

Doug Ford

Emma Shea, Senior Associate

Emma Shea

Jim Ross, Senior Associate, Indigenous Engagement

James Ross

Joelle Westlund, Manager, Stakeholder Engagement and Communication

Joelle Westlund

Kelsey Bradshaw, Business Development Lead (B.C.)

Kelsey Bradshaw