Communica’s IRIS software is a regulatory and operational specific CRM used for managing all activities, interests, stakeholders and commitments for projects and operations. It is a cloud-based software which can support projects and organizations of all sizes. 

The IRIS software has been used by over 500 projects since 2012.

With IRIS you will

Easily capture your teams’ activities

  • 27% time savings (compared to other leading engagement software).
  • Minimize training and therefore maximize buy-in.
  • Support remote staff.

Efficiently manage your projects’ stakeholders

  • 55% time savings (compared to other leading engagement software).
  • Quality information.

  • Less time managing information.

Professionally create your reports

  • Avoid regulatory sanctions and related escalation of project costs.
  • Protect against damage to brand and reputation.

IRIS has all the Tools Teams Need To Successfully Manage their Stakeholder Information

Organize your stakeholders any way you need and easily filter and create reports based on your lists.

Email Entry

Simply email your entries into IRIS and have activities automatically created with all attachments. 

Distribution Lists

Organize your stakeholders any way you require and easily filter and create reports based on your lists. Then, seamlessly add all the stakeholders from these lists to activities.

Multi-Project Functionality

Link your activities to one or multiple projects simultaneously to save time and accurately reflect your engagements.


Create the reports as you need and when you need them. Simply export your data from any page into a spreadsheet. No restrictive report limitations.

Project Specific
Writing Fields

Change what information you need to record depending on jurisdiction, regulatory process or internal needs.


Easily manage your concerns, inquiries, comments and commitments. Link them activities in order to show how you resolved them.


Easily find the activities you are looking for and better manage your information management work with extensive filtering options.


IRIS is a proven cloud-based software which requires minimal time and cost to implement.