Bundling software and services for business consistency, excellence and risk mitigation

The SIM Bundle is a complete business solution. It includes the services of Communica’s Stakeholder Information Management (SIM) team using the industry leading software IRIS to manage activities, interests, stakeholders and commitments for projects and operations. This bundled approach delivers superior results in a highly efficient manner.

What’s included in the SIM Bundle

The SIM Bundle is designed to seamlessly and successfully manage your stakeholder information.


As a complete business solution, no software implementation or team training is required.

Full access

Unlimited access to the industry leading software.

Automated capture of engagement records

Save time by simply emailing activities directly into IRIS.


Activities are summarized in a consistent manner according to regulatory requirements.

Quality assurance through continual audits

Audit database information regularly to ensure accuracy and consistency of information.

Activity based

Pay for what you use by combining your software and services costs into a single price based on the amount of activity you have- not the hours it takes.


Generate recurring internal reports and regulatory submissions as required.

Single point
of contact

A SIM professional to ensure the highest level of client support.


Click between tabs to see how the SIM Bundle addresses your challenges. 

Your Challenges
Managing stakeholder information.
Our Solution
Define and
manage risk.
Your Challenges
Accurately managed information is challenging.
Our Solution
Easily captured and managed stakeholder information.
Your Challenges
Industry is changing
Our Solution
Elastic services.


Have your stakeholder information managed through a proven process which can provide consistent support as your work ramps up and down.

Step 1: Email The Information Into The IRIS System
Automated capture of records.

Teams simply send emails to IRIS generated project email addresses. Activities are then generated in IRIS. Key details are automatically pulled from the email and added in IRIS and the email text is converted into a PDF file and saved along with any attachments.

Step 2: Review And Summarize
SIM team summarizes all activities in a consistent manner.

Within IRIS, the SIM team reviews each engagement record in detail and summarizes the interaction in a consistent and accurate manner to meet project needs and regulatory requirements. This includes tracking all concerns, commitments and inquiries.

Step 3: Auditing and Quality Assurance
Ensuring a complete and accurate engagement record.

Information in IRIS is regularly reviewed to ensure accuracy and consistency of information. Information gaps are identified and followed up on.

Step 4: Report Generation
Internal and external reports to show your work.

Recurring internal reports and analytics to project teams ensures organizations understand the status of engagement efforts with stakeholders. Regulatory reports and responses to information requests are rapidly prepared when required.