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The Communica team comes from a diverse background with many different experiences and passions. Whether it is travel, politics, communications, public relations, social media, marketing, public policy or law… there’s no shortage of unique ideas around the boardroom table. Below you’ll find blogs on some of our ideas. What’s got you thinking?

Communica’s Communication Expertise

Communica’s Communication Expertise – what we can do for you! All of our clients know that strategic communication is vitally important in the execution of stakeholder and Aboriginal engagement programs. But what does that actually mean?  By definition, communication is the “act or process of using words, sounds, signs, or behaviors to express or exchange … Continued

Updates to the ACO Proponent Guide

Updates to the ACO Proponent Guide: Impacts to Stakeholder Information Management (SIM) It’s been about one month since the Alberta Consultation Office (ACO) released the updated The Government of Alberta’s Proponent Guide to First Nations and Métis Settlements Consultation Procedures, also known as the Proponent Guide, and part of those updates include a redesigned and … Continued

CAPP’s overview of Canada’s Energy Future: lack of infrastructure and opportunity for energy innovation

CAPP’s overview of Canada’s Energy Future: lack of infrastructure and opportunity for energy innovation Canada’s Energy Future was the topic of a recent Greater Vancouver Board of Trade event by Jeff Gaulin, Vice President of Communications for the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), a not-for-profit organization representing upstream oil and gas producers. From the … Continued

Workplace Wellness

  Workplace Wellness At Communica, we do our best to ensure health and wellness is a priority, and we encourage one another to practice healthy choices in all aspects of our lives. However, in a world where we are faced with endless content through social media, radio, television and the 24 hour news cycle, how … Continued

Is it just me, or are you feeling really empowered these days?

Vancouver recently held two events geared towards empowering women in the public relations and resource sectors. Maybe it was just my “lucky week” because I am heavily involved in both of those industries, but regardless, I walked away from last week feeling more motivated and empowered than I have in the last month. Sometimes it’s … Continued

Terminology: Indigenous vs. Aboriginal

Communica’s Aboriginal Engagement team works hard to stay on top of new policy, legislation, cultural and legal developments in the Aboriginal relations field. We have a strong understanding of various legal, cultural and political terms used to identify Aboriginal peoples and generally default to the preference of the particular Aboriginal community that we are working … Continued

Summary: The 2016 Federal Budget and Aboriginal Programs

Working in Aboriginal relations, we at Communica think it is important to stay up-to-date on current policy, legislative, legal, social and political trends in Canada. Below, we summarize the Aboriginal funding items announced in the 2016 federal budget. Overall, the funding commitments to Aboriginal programs, particularly on-reserve programming, is unprecedented. This signals the federal government’s … Continued

Government of Canada Policy Implications to the EA Process

On January 27, 2016, the government of Canada announced interim guidelines in an effort to “restore confidence” in the environmental assessment (EA) process. These guidelines will apply to proposed projects assessed by the National Energy Board (NEB) and Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA), and mark the beginning of what is likely to be a series … Continued

Welcome to the new

Communica is thrilled to reveal our newly redesigned website! This was an exciting project that we worked hard on with the team at Kone Marketing and are proud to have produced a product that aptly reflects Communica. On a basic level, a website should say “this is us, this is what we do, this is … Continued

Leap into a Healthy Year – Communica’s workplace challenge

For many of us, staying committed to a New Year’s resolution can be difficult, especially when it comes to looking after our health. That’s why Communica has challenged its employees to Leap into a Healthy Year starting this February 1, 2016. We understand that looking after your health involves more than working out, so our … Continued