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Indigenous Engagement

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Indigenous Engagement

Early and sustained engagement with Indigenous groups that may be affected by a project is integral to project success. Communica’s extensive experience in this area is instrumental in guiding our clients through the complex waters of Indigenous engagement. Communica supports clients with developing unique engagement approaches tailored to, and in collaboration with, Indigenous communities.

Indigenous Engagement Program Development and Implementation

Design, develop and implement Indigenous Consultation Plans
Support clients with regional community focused research identifying past and present issues to better understand the unique aspects of Indigenous communities
Support for project socio-economic activities by coordinating opportunities available to Indigenous community members
Provide a point-of-contact for the broader project team and Indigenous groups to ensure effective and comprehensive consultation takes place within set timeframes prior to filing regulatory applications.
Liaise with project teams to coordinate Indigenous participation in environmental fieldwork programs

Regulatory Support

Write and develop Indigenous consultation reports for regulators
Research, analysis, writing and development of regulatory application documents with respect to Indigenous engagement

Relationship-building / Relationship management

Strategic relationship planning, including community relations, education and training initiatives, and community investment
Assist with ensuring proponents and Indigenous groups have a mutually beneficial relationship
Plan, organize and facilitate attendance at events with Indigenous communities, community meetings and open houses, including follow-up and evaluation

Negotiation and Agreements

Development and negotiation support for agreements including:

Consultation work plans
Capacity funding agreements
Protocol agreements
Impact benefit agreements
Local content plans
Socio-economic baseline studies
Socio-economic effects management plans
Reporting and financial tracking of agreements and plans

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