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Our Team

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Meet the team

Doug Ford

President & CEO

Megan Young

Senior Associate

Arman Bachmann

Intelligence Developer, Stakeholder Information Management

Samantha Hudec

Advisor, Engagement & Communication

Trevor Ford

Operations Coordinator

Nathan Thompson

Tracking Analyst

Emma Shea

Senior Associate

Raveena Sangha

Tracking Analyst, Stakeholder Information Management

Carlie Montgomery

Advisor, Engagement & Communication

Victor Yan

Network Operations Manager

Brenda Poole Bellows

Senior Associate

Tatiana Chorney

Senior Advisor

Alexandra Wright

Senior Associate, Communication

Kaylyn Echlin

Advisor, Engagement & Communication

Greg Gutowski

Manager, Stakeholder Information Management

Michelle Langfeldt

Consultant, Engagement

Garrath Douglas

Vice President, Engagement & Stakeholder Information Management

Leigh Clarke

Strategic Counsel

Michelle McSorley

Accounting Manager

Chad Ford

Director, Strategic Integration and Expansion

Janais Turuk

Senior Associate