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Our Team

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Meet the team

Doug Ford

President & CEO

Trevor Ford

Operations Coordinator

Greg Gutowski

Manager, Stakeholder Information Management

Garrath Douglas

Vice President, Engagement & Stakeholder Information Management

Nathan Thompson

Tracking Analyst

James Ross

Senior Associate, Indigenous Engagement

Alexandra Wright

Senior Associate, Communication

Jeff Aviss

Tracking Lead, Stakeholder Information Management

Kaylyn Echlin

Advisor, Engagement & Communication

Victor Yan

Network Operations Manager

Carlie Montgomery

Advisor, Engagement & Communication

Arman Bachmann

Intelligence Developer, Stakeholder Information Management

Megan Young

Senior Associate

Leigh Clarke

Strategic Counsel

Raveena Sangha

Tracking Analyst, Stakeholder Information Management

Emma Shea

Senior Associate

Brenda Poole Bellows

Senior Associate

Michelle McSorley

Accounting Manager

Samantha Hudec

Advisor, Engagement & Communication

Tatiana Chorney

Senior Advisor

Michelle Langfeldt

Consultant, Engagement