Communities, First Nations, Industries and Governments are seeking more effective ways to work together on shared interests. Successful project development requires building a foundation based on mutual commitment, transparency and respect, and a recognition that success is directly linked to local community aspirations.



Communica and Four Directions Management Services (FDMS) have teamed up to provide a new approach to community engagement and consultation, one that goes beyond meeting the minimum regulatory requirements.

FourComm represents a strong, experienced team committed to collaboration, who will bring to the table long-standing, positive relationships. FourComm applies strategic techniques deeply rooted in Indigenous practices, customs and traditions, while incorporating innovative stakeholder engagement and communication strategies designed specifically for each community. We can help build an enhanced understanding between various interests to develop long-term success.

Guided by principles of respect, collaboration, transparency and integrity, the FourComm team has the knowledge and experience to support distinctive stakeholder and Indigenous community engagement, communication and stakeholder information management solutions.



  • Possess vast in-the-community field engagement experience. Our personnel are as comfortable at the boardroom table, providing strategic counsel and support, as they are working side-by-side with the client in a wide range of Indigenous and public community settings.
  • Ability to quickly and seamlessly integrate into project teams, adapting to each company‚Äôs unique cultural and operational protocols.
  • Collectively have over 25 years of experience on large scale resource and infrastructure development projects.
  • Masterful facilitation skill set with Indigenous groups and the ability to create respectful, productive dialogue between communities and industry that leads to constructive working relationships and positive changes to project design.
  • Expert knowledge of regulatory processes and have participated as expert witnesses for Public and Indigenous consultation programs on behalf of industry.