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Our Team

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Meet the team

Doug Ford

Principal and Senior Consultant

Karlene Pitze

Senior Analyst

Nicole Foss


Megan Young

Manager, Engagement and Communication

Brenda Poole Bellows

Senior Associate, Communication

Rachel Chapman


Myles Nelson

Chief Operating Officer

Anand Sisodiya

Junior Analyst

Annalise MacDonald

Marketing Assistant

Shannon O’Byrne


Kolin Lovett

Network Operations Manager

Emma Shea

Senior Associate

Joelle Westlund

Senior Consultant

Amelia Trochim


Kaylyn Echlin

Junior Analyst

Greg Gutowski

Manager, Stakeholder Information Management

Kelsey Borland

Manager, Stakeholder Engagement and Communication

Karen Schroder

Senior Associate, Engagement and Communication

Daniel L.J. Harrington

LLB and Chief Financial Officer

Erik Moen

Junior Analyst

Christine Waiand

Senior Advisor

Stephan Luies

Senior Analyst

Michelle McSorley

Accounting Coordinator

Alexandra Wright

Senior Associate, Communication